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The emotional and psychological impact of sexual violence often requires professional health care to treat, but the stigma surrounding sexual violence makes it difficult for people to discuss. There are about 10,000 cases of reported rape per year, but the total number is likely much higher because of under-reporting due to social stigma. In February 2017, the national weavers’ movement proposed reforms to Guatemala’s copyright law to recognise collective intellectual property rights. Now, AFEDES and the national weaver’s movement are demanding reforms to Guatemala’s existing intellectual property laws to recognise and protect the collective intellectual property of Mayan communities. I would love to tell you that people stay in love, that those cute e-mails keep coming, that those city-to-city drives or country-to-country flights are always viewed with enthusiasm and not as a burden, that you will never take each other for granted.

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Half of the testimonies taken during the elaboration of the report were from women, but as they told their stories they did not specifically focus on their experience as women. Instead, they basically denounced events that affected members of their families. In this paper I address an important aspect of the link between the larger process of globalization and work. I focus on how globalization has affected the lives of Guatemalan women of different class backgrounds and ethnicities in Guatemala and in Los Angeles, through an examination of the link between paid work and household work. Data for this article come from eighty-six in-depth interviews with indigenous and ladina women and from ethnographic field work I conducted in Los Angeles and in two regions of Guatemala. There are certain aspects of earning an income among the women in this study that emerge in both contexts, perhaps due to the demands of contemporary capitalism on workers around the world.

In intervention clusters, nurse teams bring a kit with them to the visit. The kit is stocked with 10 condoms (Vive Amor®), one pack of pills (Segura Plus®), one syringe of medroxyprogesterone (Cyclofem®), and one implant (Jadelle®) for each postpartum visit planned for that day. It also contains all the necessary materials to place the implant or administer the injection under sterile conditions, such as alcohol swabs and sterile gloves and so forth. Postpartum contraception is important for preventing unintended and closely spaced pregnancies following childbirth as well as to avoid future pregnancy in mothers who have achieved their desired family size .

An indigenous Maya Mam human rights defender and politician, Thelma Cabrera ran for president in 2019 as part of the Movement for the Liberation of People’s party. Growing up in a campesino family in a rural community on the west coast of Guatemala, she has devoted her life to improving the lives of the poor. Her unexpected rise in the polls during her presidential campaign brought her worldwide attention.

Microfinance has also been an especially powerful catalyst for empowering women. Education can unlock the potential of children and young people today, allowing them to secure their futures for tomorrow. Please join us in our mission to strengthen much-needed opportunities for better education globally.

The main challenge for the health system is to draft feasible policies and plans that can be implemented gradually and consider the real development potential, given the available resources, national context, and the country’s financial constraints. An estimated 46.5% of children under 5 had stunting, a major problem in indigenous populations (58%), children whose mothers had no schooling (67%), and in rural areas (53%).

What’s more, the people of Ixquisis no longer feel safe in their communities. As defenders of the natural world, they live in fear of retaliation—be it against themselves, their husbands or their children. With it the indigenous people of Hokkaido are gaining recognition but not access to fundamental rights. Nanci now uses her new skills to provide specialist training for indigenous women on human rights, justice, land rights and reporting mechanisms. For personal reasons, she decided to step down as National Secretary for Youth and she is no longer active in a political party.

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Postpartum contraceptive use will be measured as the proportion of women in each arm of the trial who self-report using a contraceptive method when they complete their 3-month survey. The timepoint for this will be 3 months following enrollment in the study. Postpartum implant use will be measured as the proportion of women in each arm of the trial who self-report using a contraceptive implant when they complete their 3-month survey. All study activities and procedures begin at the 40-day postpartum visit, which is the sixth and final scheduled visit of the Madres Sanas program. At this visit the community nurses perform routine maternal and neonatal clinical care, which includes, amongst other activities, final counseling and education about postpartum contraception.