Structural deck framing & support system

Ultra fast install - durable - low height capabilities flush finish - multi-surface integration - global green tag certified

The QwickBuild substructure system has many advantages over timber including the ability to be used as a substrate for tiles, timber, composite and grass. The QwickBuild system can be used over any substrate including natural ground.

QwickBuild is a lightweight product that will not rot, rust, twist or move and is lighter than timber. It can be used on ultra-low level areas and is perfect for rooftops and over waterproof membranes. 

The system comprises of a comprehensive range of patented beam profiles, fastening and support components and additional accessories. The beams and components are manufactured from lightweight structural aluminium with marine-grade anodized or powder coated finish or electrophoresis 304 stainless steel. Other system components include brackets, clips, anchors, fasteners, access and ventilation grates, adjustable height pedestals and aluminium turf baseboards to support the synthetic turf over the frames.

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QwickBuild Installation

We can construct your timber, tile, composite or grass deck using the QwickBuild substructure. For builders that are unused to the system we can also provide an experienced tradesman to provide tuition for your project. 

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features and benefits

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QwikBuild will outlast a timber substructure as it won’t rot, warp, splinter or crack. It maintains its structural integrity

QwikBuild allows you to combine your finish between tiles, timber, bamboo, composite and grass. Each surface is installed effortlessly to the QwikBuild frame

Aluminium joists sit on adjustable deck jack pedestals or posts and do not require the airflow that timber needs. Moisture will not affect the substructure

Add QwickGrates as a convenient solution for ventilation and access to drains and services.

Aluminum frame won’t rot or decay and can be used in places timber can’t.

The system is designed to “float“ on a waterproof membrane without penetrating it. It can be used over dirt, pavers, concrete and in areas such as rooftops and gardens. 

Manufactured from moisture-proof materials: structural aluminium and 304 stainless steel components/fixings.
Infinitely configurable to accommodate various heights and engineering requirements.

Mix and match from decking, tiles, turf or select a preferred surface option.

We can provide premade frames to speed up your project.

Amazingly low minimum heights.

0 mm
Minimum Finished Floor Level


On pedestals for ultra-low height

0 mm
minimum finish level


On QwickBuild frames, ultra-low height and long span capabilities


Engineered for residential and commercial applications

QwickBuild offers the most features and benefits for deck structures under 400mm in height, especially areas where deck structures are built over a waterproof membrane. The system offers low height capabilities, enables the construction of deck structures with flush internal and external floor levels that are of complex integrating surfaces, and the convenience of transporting made-to-measure frames to site, significantly reducing installation time on site, making it cost-effective.


QwickBuild Projects

Fire pit in composite deck
Tile with composite risers on QwickBuild
Covering old terracotta tiles
Tile and Grass on QwikBuild
Rooftop landscaping
Tile balcony
Composite on QwikBuild
Replace timber deck with tile
Rooftop all on QwickBuild

Starting your project

From Design to Completion, we will simplify your construction project and take the pressure off.

We will work with you to design the best solution for your space, we will provide you with a number of options to give you the price/quality balance you desire. 

We will provide you with a quote that is tailored to your site. Options will be included that, when selected, automatically adjust the price so you are fully informed. You can select the option that best suits your budget

We have a number of teams to ensure wait times are minimised. We work on a first in best dressed system, so as soon as we receive the deposit, your job is placed in the queue. You are kept updated on your position in the queue. 

Our staff are committed to providing you with a quality finish. We will work with you to ensure every aspect of the job is to your satisfaction. We will do the job in a timely manner and make it as painless as possible.